Ayiiia Elizarraras

Ayiiia was the realworldcasting.com winner, who was awarded an appearance on the show because of her loyal friends who worked together to win the competition. Ayiiia is fluent in Spanish proficiently and is of Mexican heritage, yet it's her first visit to Mexico. She's not scared to express her opinion. Some of the time, it is by displaying aggression that can make her enemies. She soon discovers that the real world home is a lot more difficult than she imagined. Ayiiia, a former party girl, and drug addict with a shady past, is in a state of rehab. Ayiiia affirms that she's not judgmental and faithful to those who matter to her, but she'll always have an anger. Ayiiia was in a relationship for a while with a different woman. Before the reunion, she lived in San Diego with her mother and was looking for a place that was her own. In the reunion, it was revealed Jonna and she Jonna did not get along due to their differences during the filming.

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